21 July 2017

“COGNITIVE DISS” (full album)

CARPETFACE's 2nd solo album is scheduled for mid-summer digital release with limited edition T-shirt / download bundle, a 12” Vinyl LP release to follow late Sept, a remix-album release planned for Novemver and various short-run vinyl TBC. A collection of tracks centering around the themes of paradigm shift, entering maturity, compassion in the face of corporate corruption and channeling angry energy into constructive solutions for future generations, told from the point of view of a single father sick of raging at the machine. Guest rap vocals, production collabs and turntable contributions come from DONALD D (RHYME SYNDICATE) UGLY DUCKLING's YOUNG EINSTEIN, DJAR ONE (Beats House Records), DJ MONEYSHOT (THE ALLERGIES / Jalapeno Records), with remixes from a host of producers.

Digital Single “Painstaking Arranger” ft DONALD D

Released on NEWBIAS Records

A slinky Curtis Mayfield/Miles Davis-influenced track about jazz-clubs, musical legends, crate-digging and playlists, also featuring vocals from rap veteran DONALD D, (frontman and co-founder with ICE-T of legendary group RHYME SYNDICATE) 7” Vinyl to follow later in Summer with a DJ SUPREME remix on the B-side.



Jan 2017

Digital Single - “DONT GET IT TWISTED”

Released on NEWBIAS Records

RADIO WIGWAM DJ's voted “Song Of The Week” 8 April '17
a smoulderingly serious song about common misconceptions, corruption, personal freedoms and propaganda.IncludesD&B
and Downtempo remixes from Urban Warfare Crew and Djar One.


I AM HIPHOP MAGAZINE http://tinyurl.com/DGITiahh
BRITISH HIPHOP. CO.UK http://tinyurl.com/CF-BHH-01-17


UK: Radio Wigwam Song Of The Week with weekly plays over march
and daily plays April wk 1+2 / Weekly rotation on ITCH FM's Konnect Show & Nobody's Boy Hiphop Show from Jan wk2 ft. live performance and interview with DJ Shorty / weekly rotation on FUBAR Radio over feb / march

ft. live perfmormance and interview with Huw Josph And Mikill Payne / Science of Sound Show / Trax Fm/ HBS Music Archaeology /
Steel Devils Radio Show including live performance and interview April / weekly plays on Source FM / Hayes FM / The Left Hand Side / Radio Exeter

FRANCE: plays on Radio Meuh Paris/ Original Boombap /Show / Back In Ze Days Show / Radio Antichambre / BBB Show

U.S.A: plays on Flo-Empire NYC/ Critical Beatdown Show/ Public Enemy's Rap Station CANADA: plays on WeFunk Radio and Mental Illness Radio Show.

Jan 2016

7” Vinyl / Digital Single “1-2-3-4-5 WAKE UP!”

Released on BEATS HOUSE Records (Le Havre, FR)

Co-produced with DJAR ONE all digital sales donated to the Calais-based Refugee Community Kitchen.

Video: tinyurl.com/wakeupvid
Listen and Buy: tinyurl.com/wakeupfundraiser

November 2015

12” Vinyl EP "MY CONTRIBUTION" Part 3

Released on PLAY THAT Records (Toulouse, FR)

CARPETFACE features alongside US legends PHILL MOST CHILL, BRAND NUBIAN'S SADAT X , DJ PAUL NICE and Paris pioneers DEE NASTY / DJ SUSPECT as the first ever UK artist to appear on Part 3 of this widely-respected Vinyl series from DJ NICE, with 2 versions of his original track “ HUMAN IS A BEATBOX”

Listen and Buy: http://tinyurl.com/mycont3-listen

April 2013

CD / Digital Album track "E.V.E.R.Y.B.O.D.Y"

Released on PLAY THAT Records (Toulouse, FR)

Features on the album GIVING SPACE TO THE SUN released on LUHNARECORDS also ft vocals from Audible1
Produced by DJ SUSPECT & DOC TMK
Also released as 7" Vinyl Single Dec 2012

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNKnesCVbMI

2002 - 2011

All previous CARPETFACE releases

Available on iTunes

Featuring collaborations with AUDIBLE1, STEREO MCS & PIL's KEITH LEVENE on CAPETFACE's debut 38-track double-album “HAVE MIC WILL TRAVEL

Listen & Buy: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/carpetface/id103958563