CARPETFACE is a critically-acclaimed international hiphop artist, producer and songwriter from London, who first hit the UK scene in 2002 with his debut 12” The Friday Night Sniper EP, receiving 6 months of MTV play resulting in fans, tours and collabs worldwide. 15 years, 16 record-releases and 1300+ international shows later, CARPETFACE is still going strong after some time out from solo releases and tours to have a child and complete his 2 nd solo album “Cognitive DISS” now scheduled for Digital Release 17 July 2017 on his own label NEWBIAS Records, alongside a staggeringly eclectic array of production / songwriting collabs, and guest-artist features on releases out on other labels over the coming year...

Growing up in 80's / 90's London and heavily influenced by Chuck D, Beastie Boys, Ragga Twins, Ice-T, Jamalski, Fu- Schnickens, De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, J5, Ice Cube, Demon Boyz, early LL Cool J, Run DMC, Silver Bullet, Hardnoise, Beck, James Brown, Smiley Culture, The Beatles and John Coltrane, CARPETFACE has a uniquely twisted yet authenticly genuine take on the hiphop genre for a UK artist, often adding blues, jazz, soul and reggae-influenced melodies and surreal adult humour to tongue-twisting, conscious offbeat rhymes promoting peace, equality and compassion, higlighting the issues of racism, sexism, homophobia, corporate elitism, social injustice, environmental concerns, and the dumbing down of modern youth using lyrical imagery ranging from subtly cryptic to explcitly blunt.

Wembley's one-man answer to the Beastie Boys. No style or genre is too daring for this man! DJ FORMAT

Prince Paul smoking Crack with Syd Barrett... JOCKEY SLUT MAGAZINE

Move over Kool Keith! – TIME OUT NEW YORk

“So sick it's ridiculous!” – BEARDYMAN